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June 2019 Archives

Know your rights: Can Texas police search your cell phone?

Advanced technology has prompted the use of numerous types of electronic devices that you might not only not have had as a child but, perhaps, had never even heard of. Like most adults in Texas, you likely have multiple devices in your home, some of which you might carry with you when you travel. You probably don't go many places without a cell phone and may also have an iPod, personal computer or other device, as well.

Uber driver arrested on drunk driving charges

Ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft are relatively popular among groups who otherwise do not have or want a designated driver. Police in Texas say one group's plan to use Uber after a night out drinking backfired when they ended up getting into a vehicle with a driver who was allegedly intoxicated. The Uber driver has since been charged with drunk driving.

New law will affect mail theft charges

Online shopping is easier than ever. Whether with a single click of a computer mouse or a few swipes on a smartphone, all it takes is a few moments to make a purchase. The rise in online shopping also means that there are more and more deliveries, many of which sit on people's porches while they are out at work or school. Thefts involving these packages has been increasing over recent years, and a new Texas law means some of those thefts could be considered felonies.

Police can seize property if they suspect drug crimes

Being arrested is a frightening experience. Texas defendants may be unaware of the process or their rights, or how police officers handle civil forfeiture when dealing with things like drug charges. Here are a few things that defendants might want to know about how civil forfeiture works and their options for addressing their related criminal charges.

Accident involving police officer leads to drunk driving charges

A Texas police officer is currently recovering after she was struck by an alleged drunk driver. The driver is facing a drunk driving related charge for intoxication assault on a public servant. He has also been charged for failure to slow, causing serious bodily injury. Police might still be waiting on the results of a toxicology report.

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