Texas police arrested a nurse on multiple charges after he allegedly stole vials of medication from his place of work. It’s likely that the nurse has been let go from his position, though it was not officially reported. At last update he was still in police custody. He is charged with drug diversion and tampering with a consumer product, both of which usually require a strong criminal defense.

According to police, the 29-year-old nurse stole at least five vials of the powerful narcotic hydromorphone from a dispenser at his place of work. These thefts reportedly took place in Feb. 2019, although he was not arrested until recently. He also apparently admitted that he had injected himself with the hydromorphone, and then refilled the vials with lidocaine, an anesthetic.

The hospital could not determine whether the nurse had used the same needle for injecting himself and for refilling the vials. However, staff at the facility took precautions when the theft was discovered. The nurse in question has HIV, but the hospital insists that their precautions were effective at preventing any exposure to patients.

Facing criminal charges of any kind is a serious matter that should be treated as such. Depending on the charges, Texas defendants could have to shell out for hefty fines or even spend time behind bars — or both. This is why having a strong criminal defense is extremely important. For some defendants, a strong defense means negotiating a plea deal with the prosecution, while for others it means fighting their charges throughout the entirety of criminal court proceedings.