Ice cream might be an ideal summer food, but police in Texas say that a teenage girl took things a little too far. She could possibly face a felony charge for tampering with a consumer product, but since she is still a minor she will not be charged as an adult. While it is possible that prosecutors could choose to reduce her charge because she is still a minor, creating a criminal defense for a juvenile is different than doing so for an adult.

Police were first made aware of an incident in a grocery store involving a carton of Blue Bell ice cream after an internet video went viral. The video showed a teenage girl licking the top of the ice cream, replacing the lid and then returning it to the freezer shelf. She later posted the video to a social media account, where it quickly spread. The teen’s boyfriend who filmed the act could also possibly face criminal charges.

Authorities say they were able to identify the teen involved in the video, but admit there was some trouble doing so. An Instagram user with a similar username to the accused teen apparently also took credit for the act. Police had also identified approximately five other teenagers and women in Texas who had similar appearances and usernames.

Being charged as a juvenile is a difficult experience. Not only do those accused sometimes end up missing out on important life experiences, but they can also face problems with education and employment in the future. With so much on the line, it makes good sense to seek guidance from an attorney who is experienced in how to build a criminal defense regarding juvenile charges.