Police recently arrested a Texas high school student accused of murdering one of his teachers. The young man’s bond was set at $500,000, and he is still in police custody. Although he is still enrolled at his school, it is certainly possible that he might lose out on important educational opportunities because of the violent crimes charge he is currently facing.

The 18-year-old student reportedly used to date one of the teacher’s daughters. It is not clear if police believe that this factors into their investigation. However, when interviewing the student about the death of the 49-year-old teacher, he told police that one of his ex-girlfriends was indeed the teacher’s daughter.

Authorities claim that he also said he had been in the teacher’s car about a month ago. Investigators believe that was the same vehicle used to transport the teacher’s body to a lake, where she was later found. The student’s socks were allegedly also linked to the teacher’s house, where investigators claim his socks matched a blood impression on the floor of the home.

This is apparently not the youth’s first arrest. He was arrested at least three other times in 2019, including for offenses such as giving false information and drug paraphernalia possession. He has not been convicted regarding any of these accusations.

Teachers and peers at the student’s high school expressed surprise and dismay over the recent arrest. Arrests for violent crimes often come as a shock to both defendants and their communities, which can make it hard to move forward with criminal defense planning. Although this can be an extremely difficult period of life, an experienced Texas attorney can usually provide further insight and guidance regarding an individual’s unique situation.