A recent Fourth of July fireworks celebration ended in the arrest of a woman who allegedly crashed her vehicle into an area that had been blocked off for the celebration. Accused of drunk driving, the woman is facing two counts for intoxication manslaughter, which is a second degree felony. Two minors were killed in the incident.

According to Texas police, the 36-year-old driver was under the influence when she drove her vehicle through a barricade blocking off the end of a highway road. She then allegedly crashed into a generator light that had been pulled to the area by a trailer. Twin girls were in the area at the time of the wreck because their family was selling fireworks at a nearby stand. The driver is accused of striking both girls during the wreck. The girls were transported to an area hospital where they later died.

After the wreck, the driver reportedly displayed signs of intoxication, including unsteady balance, glassy eyes and slurred speech. One of the officers at the scene of the accident reportedly tried to perform field sobriety tests on the driver, but claimed that the driver was uncooperative despite admitting to drinking earlier in the night. Police later obtained a warrant and had her blood drawn at a hospital. Afterwards, she was booked into jail and posted bond a short while later.

Police are still waiting on the results from the blood draw, but this will not prevent authorities from continuing the investigation into the accident or from pursuing additional charges. This is why it is usually a good idea for Texas defendants accused of drunk driving to take a timely approach to criminal defense planning. As new information, charges or evidence is made available, a defendant can use the additional knowledge to strengthen his or her defense plan.