An alleged drunk driver recently struck a patrol car, killing another suspected drunk driver. Two Texas police officers were injured in the apparent drunk driving wreck. The driver accused of causing the wreck was also injured and treated at a hospital, from which he was then released into police custody. This was not his first drunk driving charge, and he has since been charged with murder.

Two police officers had arrested a different suspected drunk driver for a separate accident when they encountered a motorist driving against the flow of traffic. A 39-year-old man was behind the wheel of the wrong-way vehicle, and he slammed into the police vehicle head-on. Reports indicate that both vehicles were completely destroyed from the front bumpers all the way up to the windshields.

The suspect who was already in police custody died in the collision. The two police officers suffered serious injuries, including broken bones, bruises and numerous cuts. One of the officers also suffered a head injury. Apparently, the extent of the wrong-way driver’s injuries was a broken leg.

According to Texas authorities, the man believed to have caused the wreck has five prior arrests for drunk driving as well as three convictions. While past offenses are not proof of guilt on a defendant’s current or future charges, subsequent drunk driving offenses generally have more severe consequences than first-time offenses. Coupled with a serious offense such as murder, a defendant in this situation should be aware of the severity of the matter. Rather than leaving things up to chance, speaking with an experienced attorney about performing a thorough review of all charges can be a good place to start.