Authorities recently filed a murder charge against a student at Texas Southern University. He is also accused of robbery in the same incident, and was on bond for a separate aggravated robbery allegation. Facing violent crimes charges such as these is an extremely serious matter, as it can result in significant criminal consequences and jeopardize future personal opportunities.

On April 7, 2019, a man suffering from a gunshot wound was found in his apartment’s courtyard. Although emergency responders rushed the man to an area hospital, he did not survive his injuries. Unsure of who might have been responsible for the wound, police began reviewing security footage from the apartment complex. Investigators also recovered some of his personal messages after learning that he may have sold marijuana, and used apps like Snapchat to arrange meetings.

Police focused on one set of messages involving a 21-year-old university student. The student allegedly arranged to meet the victim at his apartment on the same day that he was shot. The security footage reportedly showed a hand tattoo similar to that of the student’s, and it was also confirmed that his phone was near the apartment complex when the victim was shot. Based on this information, police arrested the student.

Violent crimes charges carry some potentially hefty consequences. Texas defendants may feel rightly worried about possible prison sentences or large fines, not to mention losing jobs or school enrollments. However, some find that taking a proactive approach to criminal defense not only helps address those fears, but can also help them achieve the best possible outcomes.