A teenage boy is facing charges for allegedly assaulting an unconscious girl inside of a vehicle. It appears as if the 17-year-old defendant will face charges as an adult rather than a juvenile. Violent crimes charges are a very serious matter in Texas, and it is possible that authorities may choose to bring additional charges based on claims made by the girl.

Police were first alerted to a possible assault after a video appeared on social media. Originally posted to Twitter, the video spread quickly and was retweeted approximately 10,000 times before it was deleted, as well as the account that originally posted it. The video apparently showed the teen boy punching and slapping a 15-year-old unconscious girl.

Another teenager — a 17-year-old girl– told police that at the time of the assault she was sober, and responsible for driving around the other teens. The alleged victim was reportedly under the influence, and the driver could not wake her up. It was another teen in the vehicle who later filmed the alleged assault.

The defendant was arrested and charged with assault, and he was later released after paying a $1,000 bond. Since the victim also reported a sexual assault at the same time as the attack, authorities may consider filing charges related to that matter. When facing violent crimes charges, it is never too soon to begin working on a criminal defense plan. This is true even if a defendant expects to face additional charges that Texas authorities have yet to file.