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Meth use can change your brain, lead to personal and legal issues

When someone suffers changes to his or her brain, it is not unlikely for behavioral issues to come about. Brain changes could result from a number of scenarios, including suffering an injury, effects of an illness or damage caused by drug use. When it comes to drug abuse issues, individuals could face a range of changes in their lives and may even wind up in difficult legal predicaments.

Where to turn for support when facing first-degree murder charges

Facing a charge of murder -- particularly first-degree murder -- is one of the most terrifying experiences you may have in your life. Naturally, you may be worried about losing your freedom and potentially spending a significant amount of time away from your family.

Don't let financial crime charge threaten your security

Being accused of committing a financial crime can understandably be scary, as such a charge can be life-altering if it results in a conviction. The reality is that authorities typically investigate these types of crimes many years before they bring charges, so if you are facing charges, you may feel uneasy about your chances of fighting them successfully.

Don't let criminal charges for robbery rob you of your future

Robbery is defined as taking money or property from another party by using fear or physical force against the victim. If a reported robbery involves a gun or other deadly weapon, if the crime victim ends up suffering an injury, or if the victim is disabled or over the age of 65, the alleged robber may face a charge of aggravated or armed robbery.

The serious consequences of violating probation

If you are on probation, you may consider yourself fortunate. However, while the court did not sentence you to jail, technically, you are still under the eye and hand of the justice system. Depending on the circumstances of your arrest and conviction, a judge may have granted you probation up to three years. In some situations, probation may last longer, but no matter its length, you likely felt relieved to have avoided a jail sentence.

Don't let a drunk driving charge affect your college career

Drunk driving charges are serious, no matter how old you are, but they can be particularly serious if you are under the age of 21. Texas minors charged with crimes related to alcohol and drunk driving face serious penalties, some of which may affect college careers and future opportunities.

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