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Firearm privileges may be denied to domestic violence offenders

Texas law enforcement is stepping up its efforts to remove firearms from domestic violence offenders. This increased measure is designed to force offenders accused of domestic violence charges to surrender their guns immediately to protect victims from further violence. Law enforcement is targeting a projected thousand or so firearms statewide this year, starting immediately. Officials stated the confiscated weapons would be stored at a non-public gun range.

Gainesville, Texas, announces decree against domestic violence

Domestic violence is any act of cruelty that one family member inflicts on another family member. While children are also victims of family violence, domestic violence often refers to the victimization of women by their male partners or spouses. In 2012, there were approximately 189,000 reported family violence cases in Texas.

Lufkin man held on domestic assault charges

Homes in Houston are, unfortunately, sometimes the scene of violence and abuse, usually directed at women and children. Random violence on the streets from strangers is difficult to comprehend so domestic assault in the home between people who know each other can be even more difficult to understand. After all, why would a spouse or a loved one want to hurt anyone so brutally? More often than not, such instances of assault are recurring and capable of causing irreparable damage.

Domestic violence charges against Texas police chief dismissed

Domestic violence can range from sexual abuse to emotional abuse, and can even include cyber stalking. Those facing related charges in Texas are at risk for serious consequences.

Texas assistant police chief faces charges of domestic violence

Accusations of domestic violence can be life-changing. A domestic violence conviction will result in a criminal record for the accused. Such a record can hinder the accused's ability to gain future employment, rent an apartment or be awarded child custody. When the accused is a public official, a domestic violence accusation can have a devastating effect on his or her career. This is why it is so imperative those accused of domestic violence take the charge seriously.

Houston man accused of family violence, arson

It is always hard to tell what others are going through at home just based on how they carry themselves while out in their communities. Right here in Houston and across the state of Texas families are putting on good fronts for their friends and neighbors when in reality things at home are in turmoil.

Former Houston Rockets player involved in criminal accusation

Being accused of any crime can result in harsh and substantial consequences to anyone. This is why it is imperative one be aware of one's legal rights and obtain proper representation when facing criminal charges, particularly those of as sensitive a nature as domestic violence.

Texas woman shoots husband in domestic violence incident

Being charged with a crime is a serious issue. Particularly when such criminal accusation is a felony, individuals charged should take the accusations seriously. In Texas, potential consequences of a felonious conviction range from substantial fines, lengthy jail time, probation and serious reputation damage. These potential life-altering consequences are exactly why it is important to be aware of one's rights when entering into criminal litigation, specifically domestic violence accusations.

Texas lawmakers consider domestic violence registry

Previous posts have touched on the state of Texas' efforts to alter sex offender registry requirements. The Texas Sex Offender registry is one example of the substantial consequences to a criminal conviction. On top of potential jail time and fines, the damage to reputation post-conviction can be incredibly hard on one's future. The sex offender registry solidifies that potential for damage, making absolutely accessibly public knowledge the details of one's crime. Now, the state of Texas is proposing to bring the concept of the sex offender registry to domestic violence offenses.

Former prosecutor facing inquiry for withholding evidence

When an innocent man is sent to prison, red flags should arise around the country that something is deeply wrong with the criminal justice system. This is precisely what is happening in the state of Texas, where a former Texas prosecutor faces inquiry into his conduct in the prosecution of a 32-year-old man over 25 years ago.

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