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Man from Devers, Texas, arrested for alleged drug possession

Residents of Harris County, Texas, may be aware that if a person is involved with drugs, the end result will be a severe consequence. Even the possession of illegal substances can result in the person spending time in jail or being ordered to pay large fines. According to the Texas Penal Code, drug charges can amount to misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the offense and the drug that is involved. In many cases, a person may find the legal implications difficult to comprehend.

Two dozen to be arraigned on drug charges in Texas court

Arrests on drug charges are rising in Texas, according to recent reports, and the Texas drug scene has been the focus of law enforcement officials since the surge in narcotics-related cases in the state began two years ago. The most recent activity centered on Loredo, Texas, where 24 suspects were arrested and arraigned for connections to a large drug ring located in South Texas. The individuals who were arrested were suspected to be active in the drug scene for years. Experts say that this kind of drug activity poses a threat to society in general, and serious consequences to the overall well-being of the community at large.

Following Texas teen's overdose, three face federal drug charges

For a person to be found guilty of drug possession, prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant willingly and knowingly had control over an illegal substance or a controlled drug that was not prescribed to the person. To be found guilty of drug trafficking, prosecutors must also prove that the person not only possessed the drug, but intended to sell it. There is much that needs to be presented in order for a person to be found guilty of drug distribution. Proving that any of these necessary factors were not present in a prosecutor's claim can help strengthen a defendant's case.

Former Texas police officer facing drug charges

For a professional, a drug charge can be absolutely detrimental. This is especially true in professions that demand an upstanding moral character such as politicians or police officers. Drug charges can destroy a career, forever altering the course of a person's life. As such, it is imperative that anyone facing such charges considers every legal option at their disposal and pursues a defense strategy that maximizes their chances at dismissing the charges levied against them.

Two face drug charges in Texas

Drug charges should be taken seriously. In many cases, drug crimes carry the potential for more serious penalties than violent crimes. While not everyone may agree with the fairness of the sentencing, the fact remains that drug charges need to be vigorously fought in court. With a strong legal strategy, it may be possible to lessen or dismiss these charges.

Traffic stops leave three Texas men facing drug charges

Traffic stops usually result in minor traffic offenses, like a speeding ticket or a warning for a faulty headlight. This was not the case, however, for three men from Texas who were recently pulled over in a neighboring state during separate incidents.

Texas man not indicted for death of an officer

Many Texas residents are familiar with the fact that they are entitled to certain constitutional rights to protect themselves from unreasonable searches and seizures. This often means that before authorities are permitted to search an individual's person or their home, police must have probable cause.

Decriminalizing marijuana in Texas - could it be coming?

The State of Texas has been talking big change in these recent weeks. Previous blog posts have noted that a number of local legislators, business owners and community members have been pushing toward criminal defense reform. Specifically, there is a movement to reconfigure the criminal justice system so as to reduce sentencing applied to lessor, non-violent crimes. Recently, Governor Rick Perry hopped on the train toward reform.

Obama commutes sentences of eight convicted of drug crimes

Facing a potential drug crime conviction is a serious matter. As some Texas residents might appreciate, the state takes drug crimes seriously and imposes harsh sentences on any convicted persons. Depending on the drug involved and the details of the accusation, an individual might even face federal charges for a drug crime. When that occurs, it is the federal sentencing guidelines that apply in determining the penalties for a conviction. When facing any drug charge, it is important to be aware of one's rights and the law.

32 arrested in alleged North Texas drug distribution network

Texas and federal officials are always looking for ways to break up alleged drug distribution networks. People can be found with drugs in their car at a simple traffic stop and charged with drug possession, but to bring down a whole network of drug suppliers and distributors, the authorities need to justify a more far-reaching investigation.

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