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Woman faces drunk driving charges after driving against traffic

Erratic or dangerous driving behavior can often end in charges from police. This was the case in a recent Texas arrest, where a 22-year-old woman was charged with drunk driving, a misdemeanor. She was also charged with possession of a controlled substance, a felony, as police say cocaine was found on her person.

Texas has 8th most drunk driving deaths in United States

Impaired driving is a serious issue across the United States. According to recent data, Texas has the eighth highest number of drunk driving collisions that result in death. When asked about this data, police in Austin said that their goal was to decrease the number of people driving under the influence across the city.

Teen on probation for drunk driving tries to flee to Mexico

Those who violate the law may face serious long-term consequences if convicted, even if they do not receive an initial jail sentence. For those convicted of drunk driving, strict probation terms are among these consequences. A Texas teen who made headlines by receiving only probation after killing four people in a drunk driving accident was just released from a two-year term for violating that probation.

Texas woman charged with drunk driving

An alleged drunk driver was set to begin her trial in Hays County as of March 5, according to court records. The 22-year-old Texas woman has been accused of causing the death of a man as well as his unborn child back in 2016. She stands charged with drunk driving assault with a vehicle as well as several other charges. If she is found guilty, she could face jail time and will almost certainly lose her license, among other penalties. 

Man facing drunk driving charge after civilian intervention

Often, stories of people being arrested start with a police confrontation. In the case of one man in Texas, however, a run-in with a civilian led to a drunk driving charge. A 20-year-old man followed a driver who he perceived to be driving dangerously, urging others to call the police and staying with the alleged drunk driver until police arrived.

Police officer charged with drunk driving

On Dec. 18, police in Houston received a call regarding a motorist asleep at the wheel in an active traffic lane. Upon investigating the incident, the driver was arrested for drunk driving. The consequences for such a crime can have serious consequences, particularly as the accused is a member of the police force.

Drunk driving cases are not just handled in criminal court

Most people think that if they get charged with driving under the influence, the whole issue can be settled in a Texas criminal court. While the bulk of fighting a drunk driving case happens in criminal court, there is another side to it, of which many people are not aware. In order to fight to keep driving privileges following a DUI arrest in which one refused to submit to chemical testing or failed chemical testing, one has to go through an administrative hearing.

Drunk driving charges filed against man in Houston

An individual in Houston is facing criminal charges following a recent pedestrian accident. This incident is said to have occurred the evening of Oct. 8 in the northwest part of the city. The accused has been charged with drunk driving and fatally injuring the pedestrian.

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