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University of Texas student accuses two athletes of sex crimes

As any Houston resident knows, carrying out any form of sexual assault is a serious crime. An alleged offender can be prosecuted for committing a felony and be jailed for anywhere from two years to as many as 20 years. However, with a majority of sex crimes, it must first be established that the act was not by any means consensual. Invariably, prosecutors also rely on physical abuse suffered as a consequence of refusing sexual contact.

Former Texas judge indicted for sexual assault

Sex crimes are prosecuted by the judicial system very seriously. According to the US Department of Justice, a large number of such cases fit a specific pattern. In as many as 47 percent of these cases, the victim is acquainted with the perpetrator, who either is a family member or part of the extended family. An incident along similar lines occurred recently in Lubbock, Texas.

Being accused of a sex crime in Texas can have damaging effects

In Texas, there are a number of things that may damage a person's reputation, personal relationships and the ability to find a job. Those who are accused of sex crimes, however, may be subjected to damage in all three areas, and more.

School psychologist accused of sex crime

A sexual assault charge in the state of Texas can render severe and life changing consequences. If one is convicted of sexual assault, prison time, substantial fines and damage to reputation can follow. Even after release from prison, the consequences might continue. For example, Texas requires individuals convicted of certain sexual offenses be registered on the state Sex Offender Registry. This is why, when facing a sex crimes conviction, it is so important to take the charge seriously and obtain vigorous representation.

Sexual assault accusation on Texas A&M Campus

It is never a laughing matter when one is accused of a crime. The potential consequences of a conviction can be huge and include prison time, large fines and damage to reputation. This is why it is imperative to treat any accusation with the seriousness required, and to present a vigorous defense in order to obtain a reduction or dismissal of the charges.

Texas court rules sex crime law unconstitutional

Being accused of a sex crime in Texas is a serious and potentially life altering experience. Specifically, the consequences of a sex crime conviction in the state of Texas are great and can include jail time, hefty fines as well as damage to reputation. Yet, to be convicted of a crime, there must be a constitutionally valid law in place that is proven to have been violated. A recent Texas criminal court appellate decision just ruled a sex offense law to be unconstitutional for vagueness.

Texas deputy accused of sexual assault

There is no question that being accused of a crime is a serious and potentially life-altering event. This is why is so imperative Texas residents take seriously any criminal accusations they face. Sex crimes in particular have the potential for lasting, life-altering consequences. Facing a sex crime charge can mean fines, lengthy jail time and damage to reputation.

Texas teacher accused of sex crimes

There are any number of challenges one faces in life, and for a surprising number of individuals, a criminal accusation is one such challenge. As many Texas residents understand, when facing a criminal charge for any crime, it is crucial to be aware of one's rights. Such knowledge could make the difference between substantial jail time and the state dropping fines or charges altogether. In particular, an allegation of sexual misconduct or child sexual abuse can be extremely serious. Known for being tough on crime, the state of Texas applies heavy consequences to sex crimes. One Texas educator is currently facing such potential consequences, which could lead to time in prison and could dramatically alter his future career. An Arlington elementary school principal was recently charged with using a computer to solicit and lure a child and traveling to meet or lure a child, among other charges. An online sexual predator sting operation resulted in the man's arrest after authorities allege he chatted online and sent explicit photos with an individual the man believed to be under 16 years old. The individual was actually an officer. The 54-year-old educator was visiting family in Florida when he was arrested after apparently trying to meet up with the child. He resigned from his position shortly after his arrest. The educator is now facing substantial consequences including jail time and damage to reputation. When facing any criminal charge, it is important to be apprised of the law as well as to acquire adequate representation. Pointing out weaknesses in the prosecution's case as well as advocating assertively can make all the difference in the world for someone with a professional reputation to uphold.

Bill proposes to alter Texas sex offender registry

Many Texas readers probably know that Texas has a reputation for being tough on crime. However, the Texas legislature this session has been making some valiant efforts to reverse these possible injustices by enacting laws in order to protect individuals facing the death penalty, as well as laws to help some to find work after completing a sentence.

Aggressive police charge three dozen with sex crimes in Texas

Here in Texas, law enforcement often has their eye directed towards identifying and charging people they believe are engaged in improper conduct online. In fact, the Texas Attorney General's Office was designated as the ICAC Task Force for the South Texas Region in 2006, working with the U.S. Department of Justice to aggressively seek out those believed to be engaging in sex crimes. Depending on the alleged activities, those accused may be prosecuted in either state or federal court.

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