Property Crimes Defense In Houston

You may not realize the consequences of pleading guilty to a property crime charge.

This is particularly true if this is the first time you have been charged. Younger people whose whole lives are ahead of them often don’t understand that a burglary or theft conviction could remain on their record for the rest of their lives. If you are convicted of such an offense, it can seriously affect your ability to get a job down the road.

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John M. Petruzzi is well-known in the Texas courts for his effective defense against property crimes and other criminal charges. He served as a chief prosecutor supervising other prosecutors in Texas felony court and is also a former Harris County Assistant District Attorney. He approaches each individual case with an insider’s knowledge, always driving for the best resolution for your situation.

The specific charge you may face could be theft, shoplifting, burglary or some other property crime. The important thing right now is to fully explore the options available for resolving the case.

What Are Your Options?

Here are some important questions to ask in doing so:

  • Is it possible to have a pretrial diversion if you are a first-time offender? In this case, the judge would not even enter a charge against you. If this is the right approach for your situation, you may count on Mr. Petruzzi to develop this defense.
  • Will a deferred adjudication work better in your situation?
  • Will your rights best be protected through a criminal trial?

What About Robbery Charges?

A robbery charge raises the ante considerably compared to most other property crimes. This is because, under Texas law, robbery is considered violent “breaking and entering.”

There are several different types of robbery charges that you could be facing:

  • Second-degree robbery is theft that causes injury. A conviction carries a possible prison sentence of up to 20 years and a fine of up to $10,000.
  • Armed or aggravated robbery involves causing a serious injury, using or showing a weapon, or robbing a victim who is disabled or over 65. There is a potential for a life sentence for conviction on such a charge.

John M. Petruzzi has the dedication and practical knowledge to defend you vigorously against such charges. With more than three decades of experience handling criminal cases in Texas, he can protect your rights and seek your best interests throughout the criminal justice process.

Engaging Demeanor, Tenacious Litigator, Board-Certified Criminal Defense Attorney

Mr. Petruzzi’s engaging demeanor encourages people and prosecutors to let down their guard, but when he presents the facts of a case, there is no denying his tenacity, resourcefulness and effectiveness.

You may count on Mr. Petruzzi to provide you with accessible, courteous and caring client service while vigorously defending your rights.

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