Criminal Defense FAQ

The law office of John M. Petruzzi offers our clients a strong defense that is backed by decades of experience on both sides of the courtroom. Attorney John M. Petruzzi is a:

  • Board-certified criminal law specialist
  • Former chief prosecutor in Texas felony court
  • Former Assistant District Attorney in Harris County

We are here to answer all of your questions and provide your rights and your future with the defense you deserve. We understand that people who have just been charged or who are worried about criminal charges often have many questions. Here are answers to some of the most common questions:

  • I have been charged with a crime. Now what? — Your first step should be to seek experienced and skilled criminal defense representation as soon as possible. The reality is that the case against you is already being built and you want to give your attorney as much time as possible to build the most effective defense. Do not leave your future to chance, begin taking action right away.
  • Can I just talk to the prosecutor? — Even if you feel there is a simple and valid explanation that could persuade a prosecutor to drop the charges against you, you should not approach him or her without effective criminal defense representation. It is all too easy for a person to make a mistake and reveal something that might make their case worse.
  • Can I bail out of jail? — In most cases, yes, you can bail or bond out of jail if you are being held. We can help you with that process and argue for a lower bail or bond to make it easier for you to get out of jail sooner rather than later.
  • The police violated my rights. What can I do about that? — The police have a high degree of latitude when it comes to making arrests and enforcing the law. This does not mean they can disregard your rights, though. If you feel that the police violated your rights through an illegal search and seizure, the use of excessive force or any other way, contact our office and we can begin a thorough investigation into the facts while we build a strong defense for you.
  • Can I represent myself in court? — Everyone has the right to represent themselves when they are facing criminal charges. However, that does not mean that is the smartest choice to make. Defending against criminal charges is a complex process that requires extensive experience and a real depth of knowledge of the law. Attempting to build a defense without that experience or knowledge puts you at real risk of the prosecutor securing a conviction and a sentence as severe as he or she is seeking. Do not put yourself at risk like that. You are allowed to have an effective defense. We can help.

Free Consultation With A Criminal Defense Lawyer

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