Skilled Defense Against Drug Crime Charges

The consequences of a drug crime conviction in Texas are serious. Your future and your freedom are at stake.

Houston criminal defense lawyer John M. Petruzzi knows how to aggressively defend you against a wide range of drug charges. As a former chief prosecutor in Texas felony court, he knows how the system works and will use that knowledge to fight for your rights if you have been charged with offenses such as:

  • Drug possession: There are many drugs — marijuana, cocaine and so on — that is illegal to possess. Other substances, such as prescription drugs, are illegal to possess without a prescription. Mr. Petruzzi can help you fight back against any type of possession charge.
  • Drug manufacturing or distribution: Did law enforcement officers make a drug bust at your house or another location, claiming that you were making or packaging illegal drugs there? Or do they allege that you distributed drugs to others or intended to do so? Attorney Petruzzi has the experience to protect your rights and advocate for your best interests.
  • Drug trafficking: Authorities sometimes engage in undercover investigations that can sweep in far too many people. If you have been charged or are suspected of trafficking in narcotics or other illegal drugs, you can get the skilled representation you need at our firm.

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Building Your Defense Case

Attorney John M. Petruzzi uses his criminal law experience to raise questions about the prosecutor’s case and prepare your defense. Depending on your situation, he may challenge:

  • How the search and seizure of evidence was handled
  • If the police used proper procedures
  • If a warrant was properly issued and conducted
  • If there were witnesses and how their stories hold up
  • If you were, in fact, “in possession” of marijuana (or pot), crack, cocaine or any other drugs
  • If you had “intent” to sell

Our firm handles the defense of all types of drugs, including marijuana, cocaine and prescription drugs.

Exploring All Avenues For The Strongest Defense Possible

Most clients find it reassuring to know exactly where they stand and what to expect. Attorney Petruzzi will be straightforward and honest with you about your legal options. If he believes it would be appropriate to make a motion to suppress certain evidence, he will file that motion on your behalf. If he believes you can obtain the best result with a plea bargain, he will explain that option and work with the prosecutor to get charges reduced.

John M. Petruzzi has more than 30 years of experience and has been the lead attorney in more than 150 Houston criminal jury trials. No matter how difficult the case or how complicated the evidence against you, attorney Petruzzi and his team are ready to defend you.

Free Consultation With A Defense Attorney

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