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Being pulled over and accused of drinking and driving in Texas is intimidating. Many people cannot pass the police officer’s field sobriety tests even when they are stone-cold sober.

But if you are charged, there is no doubt that the stakes are high. Consider what a conviction for drunk driving (DWI) may mean to you, your family, your career and your future. When you take all the potential consequences of a drunk driving conviction, the importance of hiring a qualified Texas defense lawyer becomes clear.

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An Experienced DWI Defense Lawyer On Your Side

John M. Petruzzi is a former chief prosecutor for Texas felony court and a former Harris County Assistant District Attorney with more than 30 years of criminal law experience and 150 criminal jury trials to his credit. Whether you are facing a simple misdemeanor or a felony drunk or drugged driving charge, John M. Petruzzi, Attorney at Law, is prepared to defend you vigorously.

Are DWI Tests Reliable?

Our law firm has extensive knowledge of the methods law enforcement uses to try to prove you were driving drunk. The truth is that the results of field sobriety tests and blood tests are not always accurate for reasons such as:

  • The science behind the machine is not always reliable.
  • The state’s evidence against you can be challenged.

Breath Test Refusals

Is it a good idea to refuse a breath test? A breath test refusal will result in a lengthy license suspension. However, there may be circumstances in which it may be beneficial to refuse a breath test during a DWI arrest. Find out more on our breath test refusals page.

Act Now To Keep Your License. You must apply for an administrative license review (ALR) hearing within 15 days of your arrest or your driver’s license will automatically be suspended by the state. This is a civil procedure separate from your criminal charge and is best handled by an attorney.

Enhancement Penalties In Certain Cases

There are certain circumstances that can result in enhanced charges or penalties in Texas DWI cases. These include:

  • Open container of an alcoholic beverage in the immediate possession of the driver
  • Blood alcohol content (BAC) of .15 or more at the time a BAC analysis was done
  • Presence of a child passenger (younger than 15) in the vehicle

Get more detailed DWI information: What the DA does not want you to know, useful defense tactics and critical preliminary motions that should be filed, and other information.

Arrested For DWI And Need A Skilled Defense?

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