Skilled Defense Against Identity Theft Charges

Identity theft is a rising concern of law enforcement officials and prosecutors. In fact, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office has established a major fraud section as part of its special crimes division that focuses on identity theft as part of its overall effort to combat financial crimes.

If you have been charged with identity theft, it is critical that you retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights. For the strong defense you require, contact the law office of John M. Petruzzi in Houston.

What Exactly Have You Been Charged With?

We defend clients who have been accused of fraud and other financial crimes, including:

  • Identity theft
  • Credit card theft and fraud
  • Stealing personal identification
  • Use of skimmers and other devices in furtherance of a crime
  • Creation of false checks and other financial documents
  • Internet fraud and theft
  • Engaging in organized crime

Identity theft and other financial crimes can be charged in the aggregate, meaning that you may be facing multiple felony charges. We have the experience to handle complex criminal cases involving numerous felony charges.

As a client of our firm, your case will be personally managed by John M. Petruzzi, a former prosecutor with more than 30 years of experience in criminal cases. Mr. Petruzzi is a board-certified criminal law specialist, as certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Contact An Experienced Defense Attorney

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