Aggressive Defense Of Mortgage Fraud Charges

Mortgage fraud is a rising concern of law enforcement officials and prosecutors. Many mortgage fraud crimes are committed by individuals who are involved in a larger criminal enterprise and, therefore, such crimes are often aggressively investigated and prosecuted. In fact, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office has established a major fraud section as part of its special crimes division that focuses on mortgage fraud and other financial crimes.

If you have been accused of falsifying a mortgage application as an individual or you have been charged as part of a larger criminal enterprise that has allegedly falsified information in connection with a mortgage, it is critical that you retain a highly qualified defense attorney to protect your rights. For the strong defense you require, contact the law office of John M. Petruzzi in Houston, Texas. We defend realtors, bank officials, mortgage applicants and other individuals who have been charged with mortgage fraud.

Put A Former Prosecutor On Your Side

Fraud charges can be highly complex and require the attention of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. As a client of our firm, you will be represented by John M. Petruzzi, a criminal defense attorney with more than 30 years of legal experience. Mr. Petruzzi is a board-certified criminal law specialist, as certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He is also a former chief prosecutor in Texas felony court and a former Assistant District Attorney in Harris County.

After carefully reviewing the facts of your case, Mr. Petruzzi will tailor a defense strategy designed to seek the best possible outcome on your behalf. His experience as a former prosecutor is a strong asset in plea negotiations. If you decide to fight your charges at trial, Mr. Petruzzi is an experienced and skilled trial lawyer. He has been the lead attorney in more than 150 criminal jury trials.

Contact A Skilled Attorney

We serve clients in Houston and the surrounding areas. To schedule a free consultation with Houston attorney John M. Petruzzi, call 713-581-1789 or contact us toll free at 888-386-4503. You may also contact us by email.