Skilled Guidance Through The Juvenile Justice Process

John M. Petruzzi, Attorney at Law, understands how difficult it can be to learn that your underage child or teenager has been arrested and charged with a juvenile crime. You need help from an attorney who has extensive experience as a former chief prosecutor in juvenile criminal court and who knows how to talk with both kids and adults in a sympathetic yet effective manner. We help kids overcome underage DWI, drug possession, assault and other charges of juvenile crimes.

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When You Face A Crisis — Criminal Defense Attorney Petruzzi Can Help

John M. Petruzzi, Attorney at Law, has spent his entire professional career in the criminal justice system. He is passionately committed to helping people and upholding justice through the ethical, knowledgeable and caring practice of criminal law. A former chief prosecutor in juvenile court in Texas, he turns his considerable knowledge of the prosecution’s tactics toward helping clients defend their rights.

Count On Our Ability To Guide You Effectively From Start To Finish

You may count on our firm’s effective ability to guide you and your child through the juvenile justice system and out the other side to a better life. One important issue in regard to any juvenile charge may be to see if there is a way to seal the record. This is particularly crucial with first-time offenders. If your attorney does not guide you in this manner, your teenager’s future could be negatively impacted.

Mr. Petruzzi sees his role as one of helping juveniles and their parents through this difficult time while at the same time seeking to achieve what is in the best interest of the child. This is the standard that the Texas court system looks at. The courts are not looking to punish juveniles the way they are seeking to punish adults. They are seeking the best remedy to help that youngster get back on his or her feet and head on a path toward a secure and solid future.

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