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Criminal defense: Teen charged for viral ice cream video

Ice cream might be an ideal summer food, but police in Texas say that a teenage girl took things a little too far. She could possibly face a felony charge for tampering with a consumer product, but since she is still a minor she will not be charged as an adult. While it is possible that prosecutors could choose to reduce her charge because she is still a minor, creating a criminal defense for a juvenile is different than doing so for an adult.

Criminal defense: Nurse arrested and charged with theft

Texas police arrested a nurse on multiple charges after he allegedly stole vials of medication from his place of work. It's likely that the nurse has been let go from his position, though it was not officially reported. At last update he was still in police custody. He is charged with drug diversion and tampering with a consumer product, both of which usually require a strong criminal defense.

Criminal defense: Senate considers bill re Texas arrest practices

Facing jail time is often a frightening experience that can leave defendants struggling with a range of emotions. However, ending up behind bars for an offense that is not punishable by jail time can be even more frustrating. The Texas House of Representatives is currently reviewing a bill that would change that, and it could have significant implications for how some defendants end up approaching their criminal defense process.

Criminal defense: Bartender charged with over serving customer

A bartender in Texas is facing criminal charges for allegedly over serving a customer. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code prohibits the sale of alcohol to a person who is already intoxicated, and the official charge of "sale to certain persons" is considered a misdemeanor. However, the circumstances that led to the bartender's arrest could play an important role in her criminal defense plan.

Criminal defense: 2 arrested for identity theft

Police in Texas recently arrested two people -- a man and a woman -- they say were involved in an identity theft incident. In addition to charges for identity theft, the woman was also charged with possessing a firearm as a felon, forging a financial instrument and marijuana possession. The man was charged with identity theft and marijuana possession. These types of charges are serious and often require an astute focus on criminal defense planning.

Criminal defense: What should I do about this fraud charge?

Facing criminal charges is more than just dealing with the police and courts before moving on with the next stage in your life. There are serious implications to being convicted of a crime, including a criminal record that will follow you for years on top of possible jail time and hefty fines. Depending on the charge, you could even lose out on valuable employment opportunities. Because of this, it is important for you to handle your criminal defense planning in a careful manner.

Criminal defense: Woman accused of stealing packages

Texas shoppers accomplished much of last season's holiday shopping through online retailers, but some of those people might not have received all of their packages. Police recently arrested a woman they say stole hundreds of those packages from Texas homes. She is currently facing charges for possessing a controlled substance as well as for mail theft, the latter of which are federal charges, which makes criminal defense planning especially important.

School bus driver preparing criminal defense after arrest

School bus drivers are responsible for the safety of dozens of children at one time, and sometimes they are forced to make split-second decisions. However, those decisions do not always turn out as some drivers might hope. Texas police recently arrested a bus driver who they say endangered a child's life when he drove through flood waters. It is unclear if he has any concrete criminal defense plans yet.

Criminal defense: Texas couple charged with embezzling millions

A Texas couple was recently arrested for allegedly embezzling millions of dollars from retirement accounts. Charged with wire fraud, identity theft, conspiracy and more, both individuals could face potentially severe consequences. When decades of jail time is on the line, careful criminal defense planning is essential.

USA Gymnastics' former chief executive facing criminal charges

A Texas grand jury recently indicted the former chief executive from USA Gymnastics. Steve Penny served as the organization's chief executive for 12 years before he resigned amid the molestation scandal that made national headlines. He is now facing criminal charges for allegedly destroying and concealing materials related to the scandal. 

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