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Home search results in multiple arrests for alleged drug crimes

No one wants to be accused of wrongdoing. It can feel degrading, disheartening, confusing and scary. Still, many people find themselves in situations where authorities accuse them of drug crimes, and the accused parties must fight to defend against such allegations.

Police can seize property if they suspect drug crimes

Being arrested is a frightening experience. Texas defendants may be unaware of the process or their rights, or how police officers handle civil forfeiture when dealing with things like drug charges. Here are a few things that defendants might want to know about how civil forfeiture works and their options for addressing their related criminal charges.

Bill aims to lower penalties for some drug crimes

The Texas House of Representatives recently passed a bill that will reduce the criminal penalties associated with marijuana possession. Convictions for drug crimes can have a significant impact on people's lives, limiting their employment and education opportunities for years and even decades to come. The bill could benefit a significant number of people if passed into law.

Police lied on search warrant, drug crimes charges dropped

Texas police often use evidence collected during raids to pursue criminal charges against certain individuals. However, some of these charges are not based in fact or credible evidence, which can be extremely frustrating for defendants. In the case of one man facing charges for alleged drug crimes, a botched raid led to what he says was a wrongful arrest. The charges have since been dropped.

Drug crimes arrest prompts superintendent's resignation

School officials often live in a public spotlight where their every action is closely examined and criticized. This can make dealing with sensitive matters extremely difficult. This might be the case for a former superintendent who recently resigned from his position following an arrest regarding drug crimes charges.

Driver who fled scene of accident facing drug charges

Texas police say that a recent traffic stop led to high-speed chase that ended in one man's arrest. The driver of the car was indicted on drug charges for possessing methamphetamine with an intent to distribute the drug. Police also allegedly uncovered marijuana at the time of the man's arrest, although it is unclear if he is currently facing any charges for the substance.

Marijuana arrests still seen as serious drug crimes in Texas

In Texas, possession of a small amount of marijuana remains a comparatively serious offense that leads to potentially negative repercussions, including fines, incarceration, probation and a permanent criminal record. Normally, that kind of treatment is reserved for conviction of serious drug crimes. Because at least 10 states have legalized or decriminalized the offense, it is all the more difficult for state residents to accept the harsh impact on their lives.

Police file drug crimes charges for pair in Walmart parking lot

Walmart tends to be a one-stop shop for many people's needs. However, Texas police say that a couple was using a Walmart parking lot to cook up something that they did not purchase from the grocery section of the store. Both people have since been arrested and charged with committing drug crimes. It is not clear if their bond has been set yet.

Texas men charged with enhanced drug crimes

Two Texas men were recently arrested for allegedly running a drug operation out of a suburban home. Both are facing enhanced drug crimes charges because of the home's proximity to a drug free zone. The two supposedly admitted that the drugs were theirs, and have since posted bond.

Police arrest 2 men for alleged drug crimes

Two men were recently arrested for drug-related activity in a Walmart parking lot. Facing charges for several drug crimes, at least one of the men was also wanted in another jurisdiction for similar reasons. It is not clear if either of the two are still in police custody.

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