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Telenovela actress charged with theft

Telenovela fans in Texas might be most familiar with Danielle Stefani Arellano for her dramatic portrayals on screen, but more recent headlines focused on the star's arrest. Arrellano is faced with a theft charge for allegedly stealing several items from an area discount designer store. The allegedly stolen items were apparently all clothing. 

Texas cleaning lady charged with theft

A Texas woman was recently accused of stealing from at least two houses that she had been hired to clean. Facing multiple theft charges, she posted a $1,500 bond after her first arrest, but is still currently in police custody after being arrested again. A judge has yet to set her second bond. 

Theft charges filed after shark removed from aquarium

A Texas man who allegedly tried to steal a shark was recently released on bond. Police filed state felony theft charges, and he is expected to face federal charges as well. Two other individuals were involved in the incident, although neither has been charged.

North Texas cashier accused of theft using falsified returns

One of the most common types of theft comes from employees stealing or embezzling money from their workplace. Cashiers often have the opportunity to commit such crimes as they work closely with often large amounts of money. In Texas, a former cashier has been charged with theft of over $4,000 in cash. The charges come following an accusation from the supermarket where he was employed.

Embezzlement is a type of theft

When hearing the word embezzlement, one's mind might turn to cases reported in the news -- typically Ponzi schemes -- where the person responsible bilked unsuspecting clients out of hundreds of thousands, if not millions. Embezzlement is a crime that does not have to be that big, though, and it does not always involve the theft of money. What exactly is embezzlement, and what is needed for prosecutors in Texas to obtain a conviction in an embezzlement case?

Texas theft and property crimes: Food store allegedly robbed

Police in Texas are looking for three individuals who they say robbed a food store in North West Houston. This event reportedly occurred August 24 in the early afternoon. Theft and property crimes of this nature are not taken lightly by law enforcement officials. When caught, the individuals believed responsible will likely face a number of significant penalties if convicted.

With hurricane Harvey comes theft and property crimes

Whenever there is a major disaster, looting tends to be a big issue. With Houston and other areas along the Gulf Coast being destroyed by Hurricane Harvey over the last week, Texas police have had to deal with some reports of theft and property crimes. Those accused of these crimes could face some significant penalties.

Texas theft and property crimes: Shoplifting

Many people think that shoplifting is not really a serious crime. It seems fairly harmless. The truth is, though, it is not a harmless crime, and the state of Texas will not treat theft and property crimes of this or any other nature as such.

Help! I've been charged with theft

Theft is the taking of property that belongs to another person without his or her consent with the intent to deprive that individual of it permanently. If you have been charged with theft, according to the laws of Texas, you could be in for some severe consequences if you are ultimately convicted. It will all come down to the details of your case.

What kinds of prison sentences can be given for burglary?

Burglary of a building/habitation is a felony offense here in Texas. So, a conviction on a burglary charge in the state can result in a person facing a significant jail/prison sentence. Just how big of a sentence depends on certain factors.

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