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New law will affect mail theft charges

Online shopping is easier than ever. Whether with a single click of a computer mouse or a few swipes on a smartphone, all it takes is a few moments to make a purchase. The rise in online shopping also means that there are more and more deliveries, many of which sit on people's porches while they are out at work or school. Thefts involving these packages has been increasing over recent years, and a new Texas law means some of those thefts could be considered felonies.

Texas police charge 2 women for baby goat theft

An exotic goat has died after it was allegedly stolen by two women in Texas. Both women are facing charges for theft of an exotic livestock as well as for engaging in an organized criminal activity. One of the women is also facing charges for aggravated assault using a deadly weapon. At least two other people might have also been involved in the alleged theft, but it is unclear if police plan to pursue any additional arrests.

Former firefighter charged with theft

Houston police recently arrested a former firefighter accused of stealing funds from an area nonprofit. The Texas man was indicted on multiple allegations, including a charge for a felony-level theft. He is also facing charges from a May 2018 incident in which he allegedly impersonated a public servant.

Texas rancher facing multiple felony theft charges

Texas authorities recently filed additional charges against a rancher already accused of stealing livestock. The defendant is facing multiple felony theft crimes, and, if convicted, he could spend a significant period of time behind bars. Police are currently still investigating the allegations of cattle theft and are seeking additional information from potential witnesses, so it is possible that additional charges could be forthcoming.

Need help dealing with theft & property crimes? We're here

Worried about the possibility of having a criminal record follow you for the rest of your life? Even if you are facing a seemingly minor charge for alleged theft & property crimes, you should consider the benefits of taking a proactive approach to your defense. Minimizing the potential impact of Texas state law violations is essential.

Telenovela actress charged with theft

Telenovela fans in Texas might be most familiar with Danielle Stefani Arellano for her dramatic portrayals on screen, but more recent headlines focused on the star's arrest. Arrellano is faced with a theft charge for allegedly stealing several items from an area discount designer store. The allegedly stolen items were apparently all clothing. 

Texas cleaning lady charged with theft

A Texas woman was recently accused of stealing from at least two houses that she had been hired to clean. Facing multiple theft charges, she posted a $1,500 bond after her first arrest, but is still currently in police custody after being arrested again. A judge has yet to set her second bond. 

Theft charges filed after shark removed from aquarium

A Texas man who allegedly tried to steal a shark was recently released on bond. Police filed state felony theft charges, and he is expected to face federal charges as well. Two other individuals were involved in the incident, although neither has been charged.

North Texas cashier accused of theft using falsified returns

One of the most common types of theft comes from employees stealing or embezzling money from their workplace. Cashiers often have the opportunity to commit such crimes as they work closely with often large amounts of money. In Texas, a former cashier has been charged with theft of over $4,000 in cash. The charges come following an accusation from the supermarket where he was employed.

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