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Texas student charged with multiple violent crimes

Authorities recently filed a murder charge against a student at Texas Southern University. He is also accused of robbery in the same incident, and was on bond for a separate aggravated robbery allegation. Facing violent crimes charges such as these is an extremely serious matter, as it can result in significant criminal consequences and jeopardize future personal opportunities.

Violent crimes: Teen charged with assault

A teenage boy is facing charges for allegedly assaulting an unconscious girl inside of a vehicle. It appears as if the 17-year-old defendant will face charges as an adult rather than a juvenile. Violent crimes charges are a very serious matter in Texas, and it is possible that authorities may choose to bring additional charges based on claims made by the girl.

High school student facing violent crimes charge

Police recently arrested a Texas high school student accused of murdering one of his teachers. The young man's bond was set at $500,000, and he is still in police custody. Although he is still enrolled at his school, it is certainly possible that he might lose out on important educational opportunities because of the violent crimes charge he is currently facing.

Junk science leads to convictions for violent crimes

Crime scene investigators rely on forensic science to help them connect a crime to a suspect. Particularly when investigating violent crimes, officers may collect traces of evidence and process them in a lab. The critical stage occurs when supposed forensic experts testify to a jury about the reliability of their findings. Juries are often convinced by forensic testimony from so-called experts. However, one Texas man's long ordeal began when investigators used junk science to convict him of murder.

2 men charged with violent crimes in robbery incident

Texas police arrested two men they say were involved in a recent attempted robbery. Both are facing charges for aggravated robbery with use of a deadly weapon for what authorities say was a partially unsuccessful robbery that left one woman injured. These types of violent crimes charges are quite serious. 

Man wrongly convicted of violent crimes freed after 15 years

Being wrongly found guilty and imprisoned is a devastating experience. Recently, a Texas man was freed after an judge found him not guilty of violent crimes for which he had previously been convicted. The man had spent 15 years in prison as a result of the wrongful conviction.

Texas violent crimes: When harassment goes beyond a civil offense

Harassment comes in many forms. In Texas and elsewhere, some of them are illegal and subject to serious penalties, while others are only thought civil in nature but still subject to civil liability. When harassment claims border the line of violent crimes, those accused of the behavior may find themselves in need of a good criminal defense, as the consequences may be quite harsh.

Texas violent crimes: Man wanted for beating wife and child

A Texas man is wanted by Houston police for allegedly beating his wife and hurting his stepson. The alleged incident occurred back in June, but police have yet to make an arrest. Violent crimes such as domestic violence are not taken lightly, and police will do everything necessary to bring the accused in to face trial for his alleged actions.

Texas violent crimes: Police looking for man accused of assault

Police in the Houston area are looking for a man who is accused of assaulting a Lyft driver. The alleged incident is said to have occurred on July 21. Authorities have not been able to locate the accused. However, as violent crimes are not taken lightly, he has already been charged with committing a hate crime and causing bodily injury to another individual.

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