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Police officer charged with drunk driving

On Dec. 18, police in Houston received a call regarding a motorist asleep at the wheel in an active traffic lane. Upon investigating the incident, the driver was arrested for drunk driving. The consequences for such a crime can have serious consequences, particularly as the accused is a member of the police force.

Drunk driving cases are not just handled in criminal court

Most people think that if they get charged with driving under the influence, the whole issue can be settled in a Texas criminal court. While the bulk of fighting a drunk driving case happens in criminal court, there is another side to it, of which many people are not aware. In order to fight to keep driving privileges following a DUI arrest in which one refused to submit to chemical testing or failed chemical testing, one has to go through an administrative hearing.

Drunk driving charges filed against man in Houston

An individual in Houston is facing criminal charges following a recent pedestrian accident. This incident is said to have occurred the evening of Oct. 8 in the northwest part of the city. The accused has been charged with drunk driving and fatally injuring the pedestrian.

The Breathalyzer, a standard test for suspected drunk driving

There are several sobriety tests that law enforcement officers in Texas may utilize in order to check drivers for possible impairment. The Breathalyzer is a pretty standard test that is used for suspected drunk driving. When asked to perform this test, must one comply?

Texas incident results in drunk driving claims against woman

Late at night, it may be difficult for drivers to discern what is happening when there are multiple police cars and ambulances in an area with lights flashing -- especially if it involves the closure of a ramp. Without clear indicators, a driver could easily be confused by an officer's attempt to close a road. Unfortunately, police in Houston, Texas claim a woman who drove past two police cars used as barricades, forcing two officers to jump over a barrier, was drunk driving.

Alleged drunk driving incident caught on tape

These days, Texas residents often pull out their cell phones to capture an event on video. On a recent Friday evening at approximately 8 p.m., that is exactly what one driver did. He had just been involved in a near miss with a vehicle. He decided to follow the vehicle and videotaped what he and police are calling a drunk driving incident.

Claiming auto-brewery syndrome as a drunk driving defense

There is a medical issue that some people have that causes their bodies to create alcohol on its own, which in turn raises their blood alcohol levels. Crazy but true. This condition is called auto-brewery syndrome. Those in Texas who have been charged with drunk driving even though they have not consumed any impairing substances may have their cases dismissed if they can document that they suffer from this ailment.

Texas drunk driving: Field sobriety testing, must one comply?

Texas residents who are suspected of driving while impaired will likely be pulled over by law enforcement and asked to perform field sobriety tests. What are these tests and why are they used to check for drunk driving? Is one required to comply with an officer's demands?

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