Proven Attorney For Challenging Sex Crimes Charges

When you talk about draconian consequences, sexual offenses are up there at the top of the list. If you are convicted of a sex crime in Texas, not only will you be facing prison time, but once you are released, you will need to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life.

That is why you need a strong, experienced criminal defense lawyer to advocate on your behalf. John M. Petruzzi is a former chief felony prosecutor now working as a criminal defense lawyer. Contact his office in Houston for a free, confidential initial consultation. Call 713-581-1789 or toll free at 888-386-4503. If you prefer, you can also fill out a simple contact form.

Raising Doubt About The Prosecution’s Case

In any sex crimes accusation, Mr. Petruzzi looks for weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. Depending on your situation, he will ask questions such as:

  • What aspects of the victim’s story don’t add up?
  • What is the nature of the relationship between the victim and the accused and did it change recently?
  • Is there a child custody dispute ongoing that may have influenced any so-called accusations?

Attorney Petruzzi points out the aspects of the prosecution’s case that do not make sense. In order to be convicted, you must be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. It is our job to raise doubt while upholding your legal rights.

What Type Of Sex Offense Have You Been Charged With?

Our firm handles a broad range of sex crime defense cases. These include:

  • Crimes against children: Sex offenses involving children have to be handled with special sensitivity. These offenses raise issues such as child pornography, child sexual abuse and sex with a minor. John M. Petruzzi uses his more than 30 years of experience with criminal litigation to seek a favorable outcome for his clients, no matter what the charge.
  • Internet sting operations: Authorities sometimes try to nail people by engaging in dubious undercover tactics. When such tactics lead to sex crime charges, our firm is ready to defend you aggressively.
  • Sexual assault: When defending against charges of rape or sexual assault, litigation experience is particularly important. Attorney Petruzzi has that experience in spades, having handled more than 150 criminal trials.
  • Sex offender registration: Lifetime registration as a sex offender is something you want to avoid if at all possible. John M. Petruzzi will do everything in his power to help you avoid that fate.

Aggressive, Quick Thinking And Well Prepared

Our law firm has achieved many victories for clients accused of sex offenses. Mr. Petruzzi has more than 30 years of criminal law experience and has resolved many cases at trial or through a plea agreement. He has earned a reputation for being an aggressive, quick-thinking and resourceful criminal defense lawyer.

Remember, you have a right to remain silent. Make sure you get the legal advice you need before talking to law enforcement officers.

Accused Of A Sex Offense? Contact An Experienced Defense Lawyer.

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