Effective Defense Against Assault Charges

Assault is a serious criminal charge that carries consequences that may dog you the rest of your life. Whether you have been charged with assault, domestic violence or aggravated assault, you have a right to a defense and a qualified attorney before any Texas court of law. Exercise that right wisely, because your future may be at stake.

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Lawyer John M. Petruzzi has more than 30 years of experience in criminal law, served as a former prosecutor for the state and an Assistant District Attorney in Harris County. He knows criminal law and knows it well enough to defend you and pick apart every last detail of the prosecution’s case.

How We Guide You And Take Your Side

At the law office of John M. Petruzzi, Attorney at Law, we believe in standing by our clients’ side and guiding them through the legal process. We do this by listening to your concerns, understanding your side of the story, and formulating a legal strategy specifically tailored to suit your circumstances.

If you are in police custody, you have a right to remain silent. Law enforcement officials are trained to ask you questions in such a way that you will incriminate yourself. Mr. Petruzzi knows. He is a former prosecuting attorney. Contact us online.

We handle criminal cases that range from disorderly conduct and simple assault to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, vehicular manslaughter and murder. We have succeeded in getting cases dismissed or winning not guilty verdicts at trial for criminal defendants. The key is that we know exactly what to do, when and how to do it. John M. Petruzzi is a master in this arena of criminal defense.

Because John is a solo attorney, he can afford to dedicate a lot of time, care and attention to each individual client while remaining efficient and cost-effective. We will help you navigate through this difficulty, get you the help you need and bring all our legal skills to bear in the defense of your rights.

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